When a brand fails its community, it is an incredibly damaging experience for everyone involved. Social Cali Atlanta agency reports Moksa Brewing has failed to live up to residents' expectations. The company is now being sued for not delivering on its reputation, and it has been suspended from the market.

Moksa Brewing

If you are looking for a unique Sacramento area beer, you'll want to visit the Rocklin Brewing Company. It's a local, independently owned brewery that's only 25 minutes away. The brewery offers a variety of beers, a taproom, and an online blog where they post about upcoming beer releases and taproom happenings.

The brewery is located at 5860 Pacific Street in Rocklin, in the old Dragas space. It features a massive wall of windows, a modern look, and a traditional craft beer hall atmosphere. The facility currently has an 80-barrel capacity and 24 taps. There are plans to expand to 140 barrels in the future.

The brewery opened in February 2018 and is already serving a variety of crafted beer. But does Moksa live up to the microbrewing movement? Its new NE IPA, "Westy McPherson," is a hybrid of West Coast IPA and Mosaic hops. The resulting beer is surprisingly hoppy and has a sweet taste.

Moksa Brewing fails to meet residents' expectations

Digital Marketing Agency in Rocklin is a small, locally-owned brewery located about 25 minutes south of Sacramento. If you're looking for a good beer, check out their website to see upcoming releases and taproom happenings. You can also follow them on Facebook for updates on what's going on.

In February of this year, the brewery opened and began serving a variety of craft beer styles. Since then, they've become one of the more popular and sought-after microbreweries in the area. While they're not a perfect match, their beer embodies the ideals of the microbrewery movement. Despite some definite shortcomings, Moksa has a lot to offer to the local community and deserves to be more popular.