When it comes to entertainment in Mac's at 19, the music scene is pretty good. With open-mic nights, live music, and roaring '20s decor, this place has it all. Find the best live music Bars in Mac's at 19 Broadway Fairfax. We'll go over what to expect at this cozy bar and how to get there. We'll also touch on cocktail hours, open-mic nights, and the atmosphere.

Live music

Long-running local bar has outdoor patio seating, open-mike nights, and live music. Casual atmosphere. Live music is featured on most Thursdays. There's no cover charge. Mac's is a good place to listen to a wide variety of local talent. A variety of bands perform at the weekly live music venue. It's always worth checking out. Located in Fairfax, this neighborhood bar has live music and open-mike nights, as well as a weekly jam session.

Before the quake, Mac's at the 19th Broadway Fairfax was the epicenter of Fairfax's rock scene. Local rock bands and aristocrats enjoyed a lively nightlife here. As the neighborhood changed, family-friendly dining venues began popping up. Despite the recent shift towards family-friendly dining, Mac's is still a local favorite. While the atmosphere may have changed a little, the local musicians play every night and make it a popular spot for locals.

Open-mic nights

The long-running bar features open-mike nights and live music, which is a nice mix for a relaxed evening. It has patio seating and a comfortable, casual vibe. Open-mic nights are a fun way to hear other local musicians and singers. The atmosphere is laid-back, with the occasional loud performance. The owners have a great sense of humor and are more than willing to help you find a spot to jam.

The music scene at Mac's at 19 Broadway was vibrant before the quake, with live performances almost nightly. Popular with local rock bands, this venue also attracted aristocrats and other members of the San Francisco music scene. While the bar has since changed, it still hosts local talent, and is a hit with locals. There is no cover charge to enjoy the live performances, which are free and open to the public.


Before the quake, Mac's at 19 Broadway was the epicenter of Fairfax's live rock scene, hosting live music almost every night. Local rock bands and San Francisco aristocrats alike frequented the place. As Fairfax changed and the area began to attract families, more live music venues opened up. Still, Mac's remains one of Fairfax's most beloved hangouts.

Located in Fairfax, California, Mac's at Nineteen Broadway serves up Prohibition-era style cocktails alongside a carefully curated craft beer and wine list. Its history is steeped in music, featuring live blues jams on Mondays and Fridays, and a fully stocked bar. Those interested in listening to live music should make a reservation at this Fairfax bar.

Roaring '20s decor

The roaring '20s-inspired bar at Mac's at 19 Broadway in Fairfax, CA, features a full bar and a carefully curated selection of craft beers and wines. A history of live music is a great way to get the party started. Live music at Mac's isn't limited to the jazz scene. The lounge also hosts blues jams, and craft beer and wine are available by the glass.

The roaring '20s decor and drinks at Mac's at 19 Broadway Fairfax are reminiscent of an ice cream parlor in the 1920s. The menu reflects classic cocktails and American cuisine of the time, but it's constantly changing to keep up with the latest culinary trends. Cocktail prices at Mac's at 19 Broadway, Bars in Fairfax are modest, but craft cocktail prices can reach up to $24. Be sure to try the Lord Fairfax, named after a wealthy Virginia aristocrat. This drink combines gin, bourbon, absinthe, and amaro.

VIP room

The VIP room at Mac's at 19 Broadway is a great way to experience the upscale cocktail lounge. This historic building was once known as "19 Broadway" and held rock concerts. The space was later reopened as an upscale cocktail lounge. It features a full bar and a carefully curated wine and craft beer list. The bar has a rich history of live music, and is home to several different types of entertainment.

During the Prohibition era, Mac's at 19 Broadway served up delicious cocktails that still hold up today. It is also the perfect hangout for the over 21 crowd. Live music is played on Mondays and Fridays and there is also a Blues jam on Fridays. Located in the historic Fairfax Arts District, this establishment is a popular night spot for both young and old.